You only use your motorhome for a few weeks a year, the rest of the time it sleeps alone in your garden. You thought to rent it but you are afraid to entrust your “little rolling home” to people you do not know?

So here are some tips to get you started on this adventure and your rentals are conducted successfully!

Direct contact with your future tenants
Your future tenants mainly use email as a tool for 1st contact. This is a great way for them to check if the camper is still available for popular dates and to ask some questions on the vehicle (comfort, sleeping, autonomy etc).

In a 2nd time, it is highly advisable to have a discussion by phone with your tenants. Discussing in person is reassuring for you and your tenants. In addition, telephone contact allows to specify certain details (times of departure and return, provide equipment, etc.) and avoid misunderstandings caused by writing!

Often, tenants also enjoy coming to see the camper before confirming their booking. It is also an opportunity for you to establish a trusting relationship with your tenant.

Rent a motorhome is very specific. Some people accept insurance to ensure your tenants but it is the “case by case”.

If your insurance agrees to cover the risk, check then what is the possible extra cost, what exactly does the insurance (in case of theft of the camper by your tenant, you are covered?), the amounts of deductibles, the impact of any disaster on your good etc. Also check if the number of possible locations each year is limited.

Renter’s insurance

Your tenants can also ask their insurance to a “transfer of risk”, their private vehicle on the camper rented during the rental period. You will then be asked to provide specific information about your camper. Make sure that your tenant insurance covers both the specifics of your motorhome and its accessories.

Specialized insurance for hire

Some websites specialized in renting motorhomes offer any temporary risk insurance.

The advantages are many: let your camper without your bonus/malus be impacted in case of accident, no particular approach to fulfill your side, the price of insurance is charged to your tenants (from € 9 and € 15 per day on average depending on the site).

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